Covid vaccination update

As a practice we are working through our patient list as per the guidance provided by the NHS. We will contact patients when we are within their cohort. These cohorts are being regularly reviewed.

Unfortunately we are unable to give an indication of when you will receive your vaccine as we often do not get confirmation of a delivery until a couple of days before hand and delivery dates are irregular.

When it comes to your cohort, you will either receive a call or text from us. If we cannot contact you this way we will send you a letter. Alternatively you will receive a letter from the NHS inviting you to book at a vaccination centre. Please do not call or email us  to find out about when you will receive your vaccine unless you are returning a message we have sent you.

As vaccine delivery is unknown and we take them as they are delivered to us, unless there is a medical need, we cannot give you the choice of what vaccine you are offered.

Covid Vaccine

Published: Feb 23, 2021