Welcome to The Village Practice – Andy Taylor

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Welcome Andy to The Village Practice – as a General Practice Assistant patients may well start to have appointments with Andy.

Although he is employed by the Wyre Integrated Network PCN, Andrew will be here to deliver hight quality care to patients of The Village Practice. Prior to starting with us Andy was employed by the North West Ambulance Service.

As part of the wider team in general practice, General Practice Assistants provide a support role, carrying out administrative tasks, combined in some areas with basic clinical duties.

They can help to free up GPs time and contribute to the smooth running of appointments, improving patients experience in the surgery. 

The GP Assistant role was initially developed in the United States, to safely deliver a combination of routine administrative tasks and some basic clinical duties in the general practice setting. The focus being on supporting General Practitioners in their day-to-day management of patients, specifically aimed at reducing the administrative burden, making best use of consultation time and supporting those particularly vulnerable to isolation who are regular attenders at the practice.